Introducing Sterling Monitoring with Docube

A holistic view of the how each component in IBM Sterling landscape is performing while highlighting potential issues in near real time. Integrates data across various sterling components and external data including data from JIFFY, GIT, Middleware, application logs etc to provide a comprehensive view of application. .


Change Impact and Lineage across the application

Track a change from a commit made on GIT to how it impacted performance on various IBM Sterling components including impact on database SQL, APIs, Agent/Integration Servers and the pipeline. Cross verify how the change performed during the development and Test phases.


Continuous monitoring

Monitors IBM Sterling application performance from development to production, from application server performance to sterling APIs. Manage performance issues during development, much before the change hits production. .


Maintain all of historical performance issues and resolutions

Our in-memory engine and custom database allows you store all of your historical performance logs and data and access them on demand. Enables you to analyse historical data to identify patterns and more importantly how problems were resolved historically.


Built to impress

Monitoring on the move

Everything you need to know about your Sterling instance from your mobiles device


Receive alerts automatically as soon as potential issues are identified

Custom Graphs

Use our standard monitors or create your own custom visuals to monitor the application the way you want

Root Cause Analysis

Support root cause analysis of issues analysing similar patterns historically.

Complete Change Lineage

Drill a performance issue to a change in source code or commit to Git.

Knowledge Base

document all your analysis and share it with the team for future reference

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